Is TVH 4.3 stable enough for every day use?

  • Hello.

    I have been having a number of recent issues with TVHeadend as of late:

    1. I receive my EPG date via the web (with the Schedules Direct interna, grabber). Every time I restart my server or implement an update, all the epg channels that do not exactly match the channels names are disassociated - i.e. so I have to manually match them up again.

    2. I have noticed a problem with the bouquet that I use - each morning, all the channels from a particular network are missing. They are there as services but have been unmapped as channels.

    If I force a network scan, they all suddenly reappear as mapped channels again.

    I was wondering whether TVHeadend 4.3 might sort some of these problems out - is it good enough for everyday use or is it still too buggy?

  • Thank you CvH.

    Before I start messing around with the update, could I possibly just ask you one other quick question, please?

    At the moment, when I schedule a recording, I set it to record on any channel.

    I have set (under the stream tab), that HD streams should be preferred when available.

    However, I have noticed that most of my schedule recordings are on SD channels, even though many of them would be available on an HD channel.

    Is this to be expected or do you think I am doing something wrong?