Raspberry Pi3 & PIFI Digi using Remote control (Power does not turn on).

  • I have Raspberry Pi3 & PIFI Digi+ (this clone HIFIBerry Digi+) & Libreelec 8.1.0 (or 7.0.3)

    In order for the SPDIF output to work - in the file config.txt added:

    1. # audio interfaces
    2. dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi

    This Board have the IR sensor. for his work, in the file config.txt added:

    1. # IR receiver for remote control
    2. dtoverlay=lirc-rpi,gpio_in_pin=26

    I configured the remote using lirc-0.9.1, (including prescribed and the KEY_POWER button).

    This configuration file is located: /storage/.config/lircd.conf

    The result:

    Audio output works fine!

    The remote control works great! When you press the remote button "Power" - RPi3 - shutdown. But if you then press the "Power" button, RPi3 is not enables power-on.

    In order to enable RPi3, i need to pull the power plug again and put it back in.

    What you need to do that, would RPi3 enabled power-on with the remote?

  • You can't turn on your RPi via the IR remote.

    There are addon boards which allow you to do this - you need a small microcontroller that's running when the RPi is off that "listens" for a power-on IR button press and then turns on power to the RPi.

    But considering that the costs of these boards is about the same as the electricity costs of having your RPi continously on for 3-5 years it's debatable if they are actually useful.

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  • I agree with @HiassofT.

    A UK board kit with only an on/off switch (solder it yourself as well) is £15 (Plus postage). Considering the running costs of a RPi is around £5 per year, it's not really worth it. For that sort of money you could just buy a smart/remote plug and use that instead.

    Also, when you use the remote to poweroff, does it activate a clean shut down via poweroff, or just cut the power - if the latter, then you risk file corruption.