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    I am perfectly comfortable with SSH'ing into it and doing it properly.

    What I wish for, is a rough description what/how (which file, from/to , whatever database needs to be shutdown etc.)

    chewitt you wrote " it's pretty simple to do a manual update from 9.2.x to 10.0.x .. the only problem thing is add-ons (so move them out of the way before updating)."

    Please define "move them out of the way"

    could you please describe the process for me?

    It does not need to be very detailed, just like: (with filenames/paths)

    on 9.2.x:

    -do full backup (SD image + libreelec backup)

    -uninstall some plugins (which? - the ones I remember to have installed, or all?)

    -stop some service(?)

    -scp some db files.

    copy in some .tar file ? (or I can write a new 10.0 image to the SD)

    -stop some service

    -scp the database files to [path]

    -start some service

    -reinstall plugin as needed

    Thank you.

    If it is a "really simple fix", then pull requests are welcome.

    this is a really simple fix like "when changing menu settings to 3D , do NOT touch the video config (which is set to "3D disabled")


    never change video to "3D", only menus/subs(GUI)

    - basically a comment out in both cases.

    However: the change is not trivial to someone who has no knowledge of the structure of Kodi/Libreelec. (like me), and don't have the toolchain set up. I am kind of scared away already assuming there are many more equally prioritized bugs that will pop up in the future.

    popcornmix ok I just tested it, and unfortunately : NO . one can't have both normal SBS video and 3D menu/subtitles.

    One can choose to play any file with 3D disabled, but then, if I go into settings, and select SBS (for menu/overlay) - then the video is sabotaged.

    To me this looks like a really simple fix:

    Just bypass/disable Kodi's ability to mess with the video, just allow user to select 3D menu/subtitle.

    Then, after many years, people could enjoy simple SBS/TAB 3D.

    If somebody could be so nice and build a patched file... I would SCP it into my kodi and test. :)

    popcornmix fantastic!

    I've already rigged down the Pi4 and installed Ubunu+Kodi

    I like the workaround because Rpi would be always-on - and discover new content.

    Can the OSD be manually set to 3D mode after disabling the file-name based detection? if yes, that would be great - because the kids need subs (we are not natively English speaking, and watching English movies is good for them)

    One question remains: does it work on the x86 distro of LibreElec ? - will it still have driver problems ?

    I tried Kodi on my Ubuntu workstation, and it works perfectly fine ! - I will try libreelec on PC, then go to Ubuntu+Kodi if that fails too.

    1. Read about 3D software.
    2. Buy 3D hardware.

    Especially if you go for exotic things like 3D, this order is mandatory.


    Simply no... SBS 3D videos play normally on any software player I've tried, they simply consist of two both frames side-by-side ... any mplayer/VLC/SMplayer plays them fine - apparently with no "driver" the projector does the decoding/alternating of the frames.

    None of those players bother to have 3D menus or 3D subtitle support. - which is still working for nice video playback.
    Here we have a perfectly fine SBS menu, subtitles in 3D , but instead of displaying both frames inside the picture, like those players do .. it seems we somehow crop the output to one single frame.

    I am just joining this thread of endless wait.

    What a IRONY !

    1: I "upgraded" from a PC to Rpi3 to make it more "smooth and modern"

    2: then discovered that 6ch audio over HDMI was not supereasy, so I got TOSLINK board

    3.. then I discovered that Rpi3b would not handle h265, so I "upgraded" to Rpi4 .. it can't play 3D...

    5... I will most likely have to go back to a PC and Kodi on Ubuntu to get things working.. (revert to state "0")

    You know, it is amazing to see that Libreelec actively:

    -detects SBS 3D

    -doubles up on menu for 3D view

    -doubles up subtitles for 3D view

    then it fails to "just play" a video with two pictures side-by-side - this is something *any* player does, VLC,mplayer, any android phone... simply because nothing special is required to play such file, the frame splitting is done in the projector/TV

    so in other words: Libreelec/the drivers actively cock up the simple task of playing the video "as-is" and rather crop/strech the half of it as if I selected to play it as 2D (there is an option for that)

    If the libreelec/decoder was perfectly ignorant of the side-by-side , and just played it as-is would work. together with the 3D menu, and 3D subtitles, it would be better than VLC/mplayer or anything else.

    I have not found any monitor, audio receiver, or distro that works in terms of HDMI sound.

    This is onlly normal HD 1080, I bet 2.1 is backward compatible with 2.0 anyway - the projector can handle 3D - so I doubt there is any unusual datarate when having stereo over HDMI (I usually use 5.1, but tried to get stereo working once I realized that nothing worked..)

    The standard Raspberry Pi distro/(desktop) is not making any sound on HDMI either.

    I mailed the reseller:

    Will let you know how it goes..