broken screensavers + fix

  • running milhouse's #0815 build on a chromebox. the addon.xml for screensaver.rsxs.euphoria points to however the extension is actually either the addon.xml needs to be adjusted or the extension renamed.

    debug log for measure: gELX

    i just checked screensaver.rsxs.cyclone and it suffers the same. addon.xml points to but is in the directory. going to hazard a guess and say most/all screensavers in the repo are broken.

  • Problem is still there, here is how to fix this.
    Access storage->.kodi->addons->"screensaver/visualization folder" and make sure the addon.xml file points to the exact name of the screensaver/visualization ".so" file you want to use.


    <extension point="xbmc.ui.screensaver" library_linux=""/>

    Instead of:


    <extension point="xbmc.ui.screensaver" library_linux=""/>

    Then reboot

    You have to do that everytime the screensaver/visualization is updated until it gets fixed.

    I don't know why everytime the screensaver/visualization is updated from now on they don't drop the version number at the end of the "extension point" line in the addon.xml or at least update both name at the same time.

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  • Just signed up to report this screensaver issue, then found this thread. I've manually edited addon.xml until this gets fixed in the LibreElec repo.

  • Same issue had been encountered with "OpenElec", which I used a different method to enable to 'finding' of the library file:

    OpenELEC Mediacenter - OpenELEC Forum - Graphical Screensavers not displaying in 8.0.x ver (1/1)

    I used 'symbolic' links to reference the 'version specific' library file, to the 'generic' 'non-version-named' one...

    i.e.: ~/.kodi/addons/screensaver.rsxs.helios # ln -s

    NOTE: Several screensavers do NOT work with the 8.x (and previous 7.x) *elec versions (and will 'crash' your running system if triggered):

    "shadertoy" - presents a 'white' screen, exits normally

    "skyrocket", "hyperspace", and "helios" - 'crash' kodi, which 'restarts' back to main menu.

    "lattice", "asterwave", and "cyclone" - display 'nothing' (black screen), exit normally

  • @vitorp07 Thank you for posting this fix!

    I have two older Panny plasmas that are still going strong and screensavers like SolarWinds keep them from getting burn-in\retention!

    LibreELEC team, @chewitt... Why hasn't this been fixed yet? It seems like it would be a trivial thing? Then again, I am only an amateur when it comes to C\C++ so what do I know :)

  • That's a pitty. I just upgraded to LE 8.x from LE 7.02 .. well it worked there on an NVIDIA and NUC system .. . and found that my beloved hyperspace screenblanker (typically running on a 110" screen as a pre-movie warm-up) does not work anymore :-( Btw, thanks for the hints here. Prevented me from wasting time checking my faults and installation.

    I suspect there are higher priorities - is there any chance that these will be fixed with LE 9 / Lei?

  • Just an FYI, I've begun updating the 'friends and family' systems with 9.0.1 (Leia), and have found almost ALL of the screensavers of the 'long long ago' (Euphoria, Fieldlines, etc) are now unusable. (resorting to 'dim').

    I suspect that the 'maintainers' of those screensavers have NOT updated to Python version '3'...

  • Python3 is a Kodi v19 thing. Most of those screensavers are just neglected by their creators. One of the Kodi developers @alwinus has recently done a major overhaul of some (but not all) of the broken ones, and those changes should be picked up in Kodi 18.2.