Drivers KI PRO DVB-S ?

  • I have a tv box meecol KI pro (amlogic s905d), and I have a problem with tv heandend with the drivers,

    any configuration guide? currently it comes out as if it had no driver installed, and used this guide [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X = 1

    and configured all tv headend, but when I go to controller-dvb they do not appear.

    any solution ?

    I also have a problem with the internet, I can not connect via ethernet, via wifi connects perfect

    Thank you

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  • meecol KI pro (amlogic s905x) it is wong.

    meecol KI pro (amlogic s905d) it is true

    thank you very much, any guide or solution to my problem?

    I just tried with libreelec potato no results, no ethernet driver, no dvb driver

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  • Perhaps you are using the wrong device tree,. download the device tree that suitable for your device and rename it to dtb.img then Copy and replace the renamed file to main folder of SD card. if you need proper help from forum members please provide full Kodi log as described.