Reset and power buttons installation

  • Hi,

    I need help with a new box i buy for the raspberry. It cames with swith off and reset buttons but i was not capable of install the pcb driver in librelec. The box "super nintendo pal from kintaro" cames with the instructions for install it in Retropie and Recalbox and i install the driver in Retropie and no problem. The command for install it is "wget -O - | bash" but bash command is not available. In some posts i see the ash command from busybox replaced it but no sure how it works. The download is possible but i can not run the script.

    I ask for help in kintaro but they told me they will investigate it. However not sure if they will answer. I would aprecciate if somebody can help me with it. It is not a crucial thing but would be nice if i can use the buttons too in libreelec.

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    That script will never work on LE as there is no apt-get solution.

    However, if you just want an on/off solution:

    All you need to do is add a switch between GPIO 3 and GND and then add


    to config.txt following This

    After a reboot, you can shutdown and restart the RPi via the switch

  • I have bought a OnOff-Shim board which use GPIO 3 and 17. Is there a solution to use it with LE?

    Thanks for advice in advanced.


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    I made it by using GPIO 3 (Pin 5) and it's opposite Ground Pin 6. Read my thread: Support for the Pi-Desktop Power Button?

    If your board must use GPIO 3 and GPIO 17, you can set GPIO 17 to Low (Ground) in the python script ("", see link above).

    Insert this lines after line 8 of "":

    GPIO.setup(ground_pin_number, GPIO.OUT)
    GPIO.output(ground_pin_number, False)