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    Going back to 9.1 build #415. I observe that transmission is not working. Last working version is #301. Transmission version is 9.1.16. Should work or still not adapted to openssl new version?

    I tried from zip and manually overwriting the files and not work. So finally i update to 9.1 and works again. So clearly no good idea downgrade 9.1 to 9.0. Thanks for the help thoradia.

    Yes I was in Millhouse testbuilds before install last official release. How do i manually install the medusa 9.05? Do I rewrite the files manually? Because i try install directly from zip file option and no work. If not always i can move back to 9.1.


    Yes i give to check updates. Little more info. I have a rpi 3b+ and libreelec 9.02 last stable version. The thoradia addon is 9.0.5 and the medusa 9.05. As i commented medusa not work after update to 9.02. If i try to reinstall or update medusa the error "The dependency 9.1 could not be found" is shown. Sounds strange. Also tried install directly the from zip file and also show the 9.1 dependency error.

    I update to last stable version 9.02 and medusa is not working. When try to update Medusa there is an error saying the "dependency of not found". Other addons are working properly and in previous test version of libreelec medusa was working properly. No sure if is a problem with the addon or a libreelec bug. Someway of bypass the issue?

    Hi witek666.

    Should be with a fresh install because updating from 301 to 422 and reinstalling thoradia and transmission is not working for me. So i am back to 301 waitng for updates.

    Guys, sorry for my noob, but what is Mihouse?

    You guys said RPi version, and I'm using Thoradia in a RPi and Transmission is working normal.

    Milhouse is a librelec developer and he releases new versions with latest updates everyday. That releases are the base of the official releases. Of course sometimes some things not working properly and get fixed after or reverted. An update in openssl from march broke transmission. That change is not in official release that is from february so clearly is working for you. But sure that change will be in next official release so transmission should not be working with next official. So an update in transmission and others addons will be necessary to everything work perfectly again and avoid problems of compatibility for future users. Not a programmer so not sure if many changes will be needed for transmission will be compatible with the new openssl version.


    After changes in openssl the transmission and others addons are not working. Thoradia said few weeks ago that a rebuild is necessary to be compatible again, but not sure if is was done and if it is done how to installed as not see any update in the repository.

    Thanks for the help


    I need help with a new box i buy for the raspberry. It cames with swith off and reset buttons but i was not capable of install the pcb driver in librelec. The box "super nintendo pal from kintaro" cames with the instructions for install it in Retropie and Recalbox and i install the driver in Retropie and no problem. The command for install it is "wget -O - | bash" but bash command is not available. In some posts i see the ash command from busybox replaced it but no sure how it works. The download is possible but i can not run the script.

    I ask for help in kintaro but they told me they will investigate it. However not sure if they will answer. I would aprecciate if somebody can help me with it. It is not a crucial thing but would be nice if i can use the buttons too in libreelec.