Raspberry Pi 1 model B

  • Hi,

    I've a Raspberry Pi 1 model B and i tried to install libreelec 8.2.5 but i've the problem with the connection, when i connect the wired cable the raspberry frozen

    How can we solve it?


  • The ethernet port on the Raspberry Pi normally "always works" by default when using DHCP, so I suggest you have a look at your the components, such as the ethernet network cable, the switch or router that it is plugged into as well as the router setup.

    Have you already changed any of the default network settings in LibreELEC? Because all default settings *should give* a 99.999999999% certainty of connecting your RPi. The only other option is that your RPi has an inner network hardware problem...

  • I've installed 8.2.5 on my RPi1 B without any issues.

    What happens if you boot with the Ethernet cable connected?

    You could try Raspbian and see if you have the same problem. If so, then it's a HW problem.

    As the RPi is quite old, it's possible as Klojum mentioned that it's a HW failure. I have a RPi1 B that reboots if I plug in a new USB device.

  • The first RPi OS'es had a few design flaws (if you will) and had certain effects when usb devices were plugged in.

    I still have my Rpi1 B, it runs Pi-Hole on Raspbian flawlessly.