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  • I updated to this build and it seems to work ok apart from Kodi will relaunch when I'm in ES or playing a game in Retroarch. Any idea why this is happening. RPi3 build.

  • Maybe slightly off topic, idk...

    but the standard libreelec will "mostly" work with the Mame game emulators for me. although it could do with a basic starter process for playing a game, without having to pick play from the context menu of the zip rom file, then choosing the emulator to play it with each time. Just a bit clunky. A more friendly was in standard LE would be good.

    but my main issue is game controllers. the joysticks dont work in Mame 2003 or 2010, just Mame 2015. But game support in 2015 is a bit crappy as a lot that work in 2003/2010 will crash on 2015. bummer.

    A: does this fork have better controller support than the standard LE plugin way.

    B: can the standard Mame 2003/2010 be made to support controller joysticks, like 2015 does?


  • I also thought about installing official LE with gamestarter addon. These gaming builds are just ****. If the developer wakes up one day and thinks "nah I won't update this build anymore" you are just fcked. Gamestarter addon is more up-to-date and even if it would stop updating you have atleast the latest LE build. This RR build still runs with kodi 18.4 and has a kernel bug which causes tearing in my videos.

    My only issue is that the official LE doesn't have vulkan driver and I need this.

  • Retropie plus kodi is the way to go if you want gaming stuff, I gave up with all the gaming stuff on libreelec a while back.

    My htpc now runs ubuntu with the retropie setup script along with kodi.

    Works fine!

  • hey guys, so this is it, the dist is dead ;(

    Does anybody know by the chance is it possible to upgrade from this distribution to another, or will it most likely get broken?

  • I went back to using a dual boot with retropie on another partition for my RPi4. Runs great and there are some fantastic builds out there, I'm using vman's which is all the retro amazing goodness. Only downside is if you run any service on the LE system, it won't be available whilst you're gaming.