Geniatech Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 USB HD not working

  • Hi CrazyCat!

    Compiled successfully against 5.7.0-rc3.


    ERROR: "fwnode_get_name" [/home/gio/kernelbuild/crazycat2/media_build/v4l/v4l2-fwnode.ko] undefined!

    against 5.6.8, but it's the same with linuxtv media_build.

    Thank you!


  • remove old media modules before install (see script)

    Hi crazycat

    I have an S4600 V2 (2018+) and I have successfully compiled your drivers (Ubuntu 18.04) but when I reboot the drivers stop working. I try to remove the drivers and install again, they work, but again when I do another reboot they stop working again. Any idea what's wrong? Thank you

  • show kernel log after reboot (dmesg)

  • so dvb adapter present in tvh gui, but not lock any channels ?

    when i finish installing your drivers and do a scan all ok, but when i reboot and i will do another channel scan on tvheadend, the result of muxes everything fails, which is strange

    tried with ubuntu 20.04 and with the 5.7rc6 kernel I was not successful installing your drivers

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  • I have a RPi 3B, Libreelec 9.2.4 (Kernel 4.19.127 July 2020) enable Crazy Cat TBS drivers in Add-ons and add TVheadend server 4.3

    I added the dvb-fe-ds3103 firmware from

    Scan (Freesat 28.2 Astra) and works ok on standard channels.

    However HD channels do not work.

    What is the consensus is there a solution using libreelec or do I need to move to Unbuntu?

    Is there a patch for the Crazy Cat TBS or V4L media drivers add-on in libreelec 9.2.4 Rpi3

    Use media_tree dw2102.patch.txt (m88ds3103) dvd-demod-m88ds3103b.fw and Brad Love patches?

    Use Updatelee's drivers from Chris Lee / v4l-updatelee with a Kernel 5.4.30?

    Sample of kernel Dmesg:

  • What is the consensus is there a solution using libreelec or do I need to move to Unbuntu?

    Try ubuntu and latest media_build (or my media_build). Both have support from Brad Love in dvb-usb-dvbsky module

  • I decided to get unbuntu working on an x86 laptop first and then once thats working try the RPi.

    I installed Unbuntu (kernel 5.4) on x86 and added Brad Loves ppa and installed the tvheadend.

    I had to add dvb-fe-ds3000.fw

    Ubuntu kernel + LinuxTV media tree + Hauppauge patches : Brad Love

    Install tvheadend on Ubuntu 18.04 server | LinTut

    Runs and recognised the HDSTAR DVB S2 the device, tvheadend recognises the device and scans showing signal but does not find any services.

    I suspect I am not doing this correctly

    I think I should try re-instaling Unbuntu and using the CrazyCat media instead. This works on RPi Libreelec 9.2.4 (dvb-fe-ds3103.fw) except for the HD channels.

    After a virgin install of unbuntu, how should I add and build Crazy Cat's media, I assume its ok to install tvheadend server as above.

  • for x86 install Debian 11 bullseye whith kernel 5.8.10, changes from Brad media_build firstly was merged to 5.7-rc1 but this changes was about support "3103b" chip

  • Thanks for the reply,

    It is still work in progress as I want to test with the x86 before seeing what I can do to get the RPi to work with HD.

    Overnight, I compiled the ChrisLeeUpdate , built the kernel and modules, this is running on the Unbuntu with 5.4 kernel. I think his build was probably built for debian as that is what the Readme for the build suggested.

    It runs with HD channels working. Reports

    "Montage Technology M88DS3103"

    firmware version 3.B

    I will delete it and install from scratch and maybe just build the module I need and not the whole kernel and tree.

    No decided whether to go with unbuntu, raspbian or Debian for the RPi, but will probably try ChrisLeeUpdate first.

  • firmware version 3.B as you reports is exactly for 3103b versions so you don't need experiments with various kernel branches , install some stable kernel 5.7 or never , rpi kernel is always outdated comparing to what x86_64 Libreelec have...