How to up-/downgrade Slice?

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm a little bit frustrated about my slice, a few weeks ago it started to freeze randomly.

    As I found out today, it is because of the new version... (8.2.4)

    So I wanted to downgrade my slice, but somehow I'm to stupid for that. :blush:

    I'm using Linux Mint (I'm no expert at linux, more a user) and my Slice has the CM3 inside.

    I have downloaded the *.tar File from: downloads – LibreELEC

    My problem now is, how or where do I find the "/storage/.update/"?

    I don't know if I'm just stupid or didn't saw the point...

  • It's pretty simple: just like upgrading, you paste the (downgrade) file into the .upgrade folder, and reboot the machine.

    "/storage/.update/" can be found via logging in via SSH, and do a "cd /storage/.update" command.

    Folders and files preceding with a dot (.) in Linux are hidden.

    The upgrade folder should also be visible when connecting your File Browser via Samba with the Slice device.

  • Go into the "update" function in LE settings, set to manual, select LibreELEC 8.0 channel, check for versions and 8.2.3 will be listed.

    Or do it the hard way copy/pasting files around.

  • Thanks a lot.:thumbup:

    Finally I've got downgrade.

    I wanted to do it with the update function of LE, but the system crashed during download (round about ten-times). But with copying with the SSH it worked with the first attempt.

    Again thank you!! :)