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    Thanks a lot.

    I copied the dt-blob.bin from the LibreElec into boot-folder and the slice.dtbo into the overlays-folder.

    With that I could use the keyboard and a Wifi-Stick.

    At the first start the OS wants to update and after that update the Slice won't start anymore (or at least the HDMI and Wifi is not working anymore). So for the next start I didn't do the update and I could work.

    I will try to figure out if there is a way what I can do to update the OS.


    I have a Slice with the CM3.

    I don't have any experience in building a kernel by myself.

    I installed the actual Raspberry OS with the PI-Imager. Unfortunately the USB and the Ethernet-Ports are not working.

    I copied the dt-blob.bin (which I made from here GitHub - FiveNinjas/slice-firmware: BCM270x firmware related stuff for Slice) to the boot-partition but the doesn't help.

    Is there a(n easy) way to get the Slice running?

    Maybe a instruction what parts I need to build my own kernel.



    Thanks a lot.:thumbup:

    Finally I've got downgrade.

    I wanted to do it with the update function of LE, but the system crashed during download (round about ten-times). But with copying with the SSH it worked with the first attempt.

    Again thank you!! :)

    Hello everybody,

    I'm a little bit frustrated about my slice, a few weeks ago it started to freeze randomly.

    As I found out today, it is because of the new version... (8.2.4)

    So I wanted to downgrade my slice, but somehow I'm to stupid for that. :blush:

    I'm using Linux Mint (I'm no expert at linux, more a user) and my Slice has the CM3 inside.

    I have downloaded the *.tar File from: downloads – LibreELEC

    My problem now is, how or where do I find the "/storage/.update/"?

    I don't know if I'm just stupid or didn't saw the point...