Bluetooth Issues on Raspberry Pi 3B+ on v8.2.5

  • I have been experiencing some issues running LibreElec on BerryBoot (bootloader). My Bluetooth will work for about 15 mins and then fail and go unresponsive/undetectable. I get a message "Bluetooth: Host is Down". LibreElec does not recover from this issue. I have to reboot, in order to restore Bluetooth functionality. Any ideas?

  • LE 8.2.5 is EOL, try the latest Milhouse builds for Kodi Leia to see how BT works with them.

  • I have been experiencing some issues running LibreElec on BerryBoot (bootloader). Any ideas?

    If you install the engine from a Ford Fiesta in a BMW it still looks like a BMW but it doesn't run/go like one. LE is much the same.

    Choose between:

    a) Using a native LibreELEC install so you are using OUR kernel and drivers with our core system.

    b) Using whateverthefcuk kernel BerryBoot happens to have packaged this week, with all the driver mismatches with our core system.

    If you choose B, we consider all bugs and misery to be self-inflicted and we refuse further support.

    Hopefully that clarifies our ongoing opinion of BerryBoot installs :)

  • Others have had similar issues with the 3B+ and its Bluetooth in general. I could see this being a BerryBoot issue, but I hate NOOBS and want to be able to switch btw OS's w/o having to change Micro SDs all of the time. Is there any way I can track down the issue if LibreElec is not showing the crash in its errorlogging? This also happens with Raspbian. I didn't know that Berryboot used its own Kernel and drivers. That is good to know, but I guess I am confused why you have to use addons to add bluetooth... are these "addons" codecs and not drivers?

  • You can also boot from USB on a RPi 3(B+) there days, so switching a USB stick with an operating system shouldn't be much of a problem. Quickly replacing a micro SD card has its downsides, especially when the RPi has a casing around it, and it is mounted against a wall like I have done.

  • The mismatch between BB kernels and our system frequently causes weird intangible problems that take an age to diagnose and magically go away when you run our kernel and our system. We have no idea if BB is the source of your issue or not, but if you insist on running BB we have sub-zero interest in investigating further - because we've wasted too much time on BB installs in the past.

    GitHub - procount/pinn: An enhanced Operating System installer for the Raspberry Pi is an enhanced/evolved version of noobs that might be worth looking at.

  • I know that this is not a standard supported setup of LibreElec, so I am sorry that I came to you with an issue that is obviously too complex and time consuming for you to easily solve. Maybe I should try a more robust version of Kodi like OSMC? Hopefully it is more robust and can handle the minute differences in the kernel code or has a community willing to adapt to BerryBoot.

  • Raspberry Pi drivers and firmware should be used in matched combinations. BB using random kernels frequently results in mismatched combinations that result in minute but significant differences. If you have greater skills on this topic than the Pi Foundation engineers who wrote the code and advise us to avoid this; we bow in awe of your superior knowledge and pithy comments.

    If you prefer to waste another distro's time that's completely fine with us. If you decide you'd prefer to receive support here please install LE (which is very robust) and we'll look at the problem. If you run BB you are not running LE.