Experimental build AMD GPU (Vega, Ryzen APU)

  • unpack and replace KERNEL and SYSTEM on USB stick ;)

    please try this second build and also check your bios settings

    updated: I found some patch I will prepare next build ;)

    please check 1 post and test, thx

  • Same thing for me still. The installer itslelf is still not functional. Still getting the lines through it and cannot select any options. Had to install another build 1st and off course xorg would not start but was able to drop the file in the update folder and reboot. It reads the file fine but hangs on the Libreelec screen still with the lines through it for 10 or 15 seconds and reboots.

    I did disable CSM in the bios as well.

  • I disabled MB CSM and updated KERNEL and SYSTEM files (I checked MD5). Still doesn't work. Same boot loop, although it runs longer between reboots than before. Never makes it past splash screen.

    Just FYI: MB: ASRock A88M-ITX/AC R2.0; APU: A10-7860K

    I am not going to do any further testing for now. I will wait a while for Linux kernels to stabilize. Thanks.

  • no problem but that will take ages :P anyway I will post today build based on kernel 4.16 from ubuntu where users reported is working fine with Ryzen APU just in case if you will want test

  • Still the same thing. installer is not responsive, has the exact same line through the screen as above. I reinstalled one of Millhouses test builds and copied the new file in the update folder. Boots to the same Librelec logo with the lines through it and reboots after 20 or 30 seconds.

    Edit: Is there any reason the installer is not responsive?

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  • something with driver … that why even after kodi didn't started. That not installer issue, I will try port kernel config from ubuntu

  • Sweet just let me know and I will test.

    I have been using Escalades build on my Apollo Lake setup for a while and he added the AMD stuff to one of his AVX builds for me to test a while back but I always just booted to a green screen.

  • Will test to, i have an Asrock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac Mainboard, a Ryzen 5 2400G CPU and a A12-9800E CPU for testing.

  • @piotrasd

    Is there a git where i can poke around to see what you did to include new amdgpu firmware in the kernel? I will try to build a 8.2.5 with latest amdgpu support. My xorg server 1.19.6 should know about the latest pci ids and mesa 18.1.0 too. I also added PR 2403 for vaapi with amdgpu.

    You did give me some pointers what to use, including the newer amdgpu firmware, but i dont know how to include it in the build process.

    Edit: I did find a way to update amdgpu firmware. For that i build a amdgpu-firmware package, downloaded the firmware by hand and at build time it modifies kernel-firmware. Not pretty, but it seems to work.

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  • something with driver … that why even after kodi didn't started. That not installer issue, I will try port kernel config from ubuntu

    Any news on that?