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    Under Windows there is the AMD Catalyst Control Center that provides access to a variety of hardware video processing capabilities such as noise reduction and de-interlacing options. Is there a configuration file, script, etc. that allows access to those features running under LibreELEC or Ubuntu? I have a potent HTPC with an AMD RX570 that I would like to leverage to improve video quality - particularly motion artifacts. I would obviously prefer to stick to Linux rather than resort to Windows to get to these options. Thanks.


    I am running your build: LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2.5-6.42.2-201806041418-4.17

    My config: A10-7860K with RX560 card.

    Everything seems to work OK, but I notice there is no amdgpu Xorg driver. There is only a radeon driver. My understanding is that the radeon driver is old. Isn't the amdgpu Xorg driver needed to take full advantage of the admgpu-dc support in the 4.17 kernel?

    I disabled MB CSM and updated KERNEL and SYSTEM files (I checked MD5). Still doesn't work. Same boot loop, although it runs longer between reboots than before. Never makes it past splash screen.

    Just FYI: MB: ASRock A88M-ITX/AC R2.0; APU: A10-7860K

    I am not going to do any further testing for now. I will wait a while for Linux kernels to stabilize. Thanks.

    I am not sure this is true for all AMD GPUs. When using the AMD APU for video, Kodi offers VAAPI hardware acceleration options that disappear when using the nVidia card for video.

    In any case, I reran my comparison making sure I was using VDPAU hardware acceleration on both GPUs and the results remain the same. The AMD APU produces significantly better video than the GTX 1050 with a 1080i MPEG2 source. I have all VDPAU hardware acceleration options enabled (and VAAPI disabled).

    Just thought I would share my experiences with using VDPAU to decode MPEG2 1080i. I am running 8.2.0 which (as of this writing) has the latest Linux nVidia drivers. 1080i MPEG2 is what you get from live TV (OTA or Cable). I am using a GTX 1050 which is relatively modern and powerful. VDPAU acceleration did a relatively poor job of decoding and deinterlacing MPEG2 1080i content. The integrated AMD GPU in the AMD processor in my HTPC did a much better job using VAAPI. So if you are viewing mainly MPEG2 1080i content, I would stay away from nVidia cards, I don't have an external AMD card to see if that is better than the integrated AMD GPU.

    Other HTPC build details:

    ASRock A88M-ITX/AC R2.0 Socket FM2+/ AMD A88X/ DDR3/ SATA3&USB3.0 motherboard

    AMD A10-Series APU Processor with Radeon R7 Graphics (A10-7860K)