Cursor in center during playback

  • On some media I have a cursor displayed in the center of the screen during playback. Sometimes a stop and restart removes it. For some media it does not work.

    Is there some easy solution to overcome this?

  • We'll need some more info than that.

    How about hardware, LE version, active skin, installed addons.... the works.

    Basically, a kodi.log file. :)

  • It's an Asrock J4105-ITX with LibreELEC9 community build and standard skin. The effect happens on different sources from time to time. TV, TV-Recordings Emby,... Also often during start up before KODI logo one can see the cursor on a black background already. In Kodi it is not visible and then starting playback it appears sometimes.

    See appended log. I started few episodes of a series. The last one showed the cursor.

    The log is apparently to big. This is mostly because of EMBY. I didn't found an option that emby doesn't update durin every start to overcome this so I posted a selection of the time, where the display of cursor happened.

  • Your appended log is incomplete. Enable debugging before starting a new log file. Also, please post logs onto or a similar text upload website to unburden our forum server.

    You're always welcome to try other possible solutions. None of us have every hardware/software combination available to reproduce bugs/errors/weirdness.

  • I would love to update a complete log-file. However The Logfile is always spammed by the Emby Sync on start up. Somehow I can't find an option to disable the sync temporary. I am talking about the Emby for Kodi addon. Because of this the file gets even with only few actions several MB in size.

  • Easy solution...

    settings~system~input~enable mouse and touch screen support....Untick it...

    Assuming you are not using a mouse to control your box..

    bye bye cursor!

  • I unticked it. Do I have to restart? Because after a first try directly after unticking it is still present.

    Checked it. Also after reboot the cursor appears.

  • Thought it was the mouse cursor...connect a mouse when it's there and see if it moves...should go if you disable mouse support...what are you using to control your Htpc?

  • Well having a look to your logs you have some kind of keyboard/mouse connected to your device...if it's a mouse remote you might need to disable the mouse/airmouse or every time you touch the remote you ll get the cursor...disabling mouse support in libreelec should do that too but not sure what s going on..

  • The XBMC/Kodi application was not designed with the mouse in mind, but to be used via a TV remote with cursor keys and such on the "10 foot interface". Some of today's skins also do not have mouse support. Going through Kodi's interface with as keyboard is also usually quicker than with a mouse.

  • I don't have a mouse attached. I use a Flirc and I have currently also a USB Keyboard in addition, because it is easier as long as I do some settings.

    I will try to move it with a mouse.

  • Code
    1. 12:48:46.623 T:139767665748096 DEBUG: Initialise - initialised peripheral on 'keyboard' with 1 features and 0 sub devices
    2. 12:48:46.623 T:139767665748096 NOTICE: Register - new keyboard device registered on application->keyboard: Tastatur (0000:0000)
    3. 12:48:46.623 T:139767665748096 DEBUG: Initialise - initialised peripheral on 'mouse' with 1 features and 0 sub devices
    4. 12:48:46.623 T:139767665748096 NOTICE: Register - new mouse device registered on application->mouse: Maus (0000:0000)

    Something is registered as a mouse on startup...might be a touch pad on your remote or mini keyboard...doesn't have to be a real mouse..

  • And what can I do about that? It seems it is my FLIRC USB, which should be an Keyboard.

    As I told you before you shouldn't be seeing the cursor in Kodi if you disable mouse and touchscreen will go only from Kodi...Anything outside Kodi will naturally show a cursor...e.x on startup or if you'r using chromium or anything similar

  • You are right that I see the cursor on startup. At least as long as I don't loose picture during startup. But I thought the playback is also part of Kodi and therefore it should be not present. Or is the window with the player actually outside kodi.

    Can one declare the device as an keyboard in xorg.conf or somewhere else?

  • I could finally switch back to Milhouse's builds, since he supports Gemini Lake now. And with that the cursed cursor is gone :).