Local shell?

  • Is it possible to create an LE addon to enable "Local Shell"?
    This to minimize need/use of external computer.

    My programming skills aren't even close to be able to decide if this is possible...

  • Adding tty to the boot parameters should give you a shell via CTRL-ALT-F3 on a generic build. It used to work in previous gen builds.

    I don't know if it works for the other hw builds as well.

  • The boot parameters he is talking about are the kernel command line, which you can set in /flash/cmdline.txt on the RPi. That said, I'm pretty sure there are no VT's available on the RPi even with the tty option.

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  • In case anyone finds this thread later, I'll just state that it's technically possible. I've looked into it in the past without much success. There might be a missing kernel option, or maybe some adjustment to systemd is needed. The debugging shell works fine on the RPi, so in theory it should be possible for systemd to spawn a separate VT if configured correctly.