Enable Hibernate x86 Plattform

  • Hi there,

    I'm using a HTPC with Ryzen processor and LibreElec 8.2.5 (Generic.x86_64)

    I can add HIbernate Shortcut to the Power Menu, but it will not appear.

    Also using 'systemctl hibernate' over ssh is not working.

    It says:

    Failed to hibernate system via logind: Sleep verb not supported

    I need to have a Hibernate Mode because this is the only way to wake up my HTPC over USB IR. Suspend will not work because Power LED is blinking all the time.

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    I'm not sure on the X86_64 system, but other LE systems do NOT have a swapfile by default. The swapfile on linux is used as the hibernate storage, so this could explain the error message you get.

    See also This and This about enabling a swapfile.

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    cp /etc/swap.conf /storage/.config/swap.conf

    ^ now edit /storage/.config/swap.conf and enable swap, change the swapfile size to something larger than RAM size. This enables the swapfile. I've no idea if that's what determines hibernate support on an x86 device but it's simple enough to test and if it doesn't work just delete the .conf and swapfile.

  • chewitt: after following your instructions, I still became the same error when using systemctl hibernate


    Failed to hibernate system via logind: Sleep verb not supported

    Found in Google that Secure Boot in Bios might cause the problem, but it is disabled

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  • Any news? A libreelec x86 build with only suspend let my Front LED blink the whole time, but I also don't want to disable it.
    Only hibernate would disable the LED and let me wake up my HTPC with my harmony remote.
    Edit: creating a swap file doesn't let me hibernate btw.

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    The reasoning still stands. On most devices time to wake from hibernate will be slower than a clean boot. Also consider that 85%+ of our installed base has hardware that lacks the power management functions to hibernate. You're welcome to self-build and experiment for your own needs but it's not even remotely on our roadmap to resurrect hibernation.