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  • Following the recent board election we started the important work of defining project bylaws. We also started to review project policies, some of which are long-running and documented but need revising, while others are more informal and need to be written down. One of those policies is our definition of a LibreELEC Community Build and the responsibilities of Community Build creators.

    Our requirements are simple and now apply retrospectively to all Community Releases. They can be read on the Wiki here:
    Minimum requirements for a LibreELEC Community Build

    Recognising what is/is-not a LibreELEC Community Build and defining common-sense rules allows the project team to focus on supporting community developers and the users they serve. We often provide dedicated sub-forums and webspace to help builders distribute and support their releases without incurring personal costs. In some cases we also hook their releases into core project assets such as the update mechanism and our add-on repository.

    In the next week we will reach out to a small number of community developers identified as non-compliant. If they are willing to work with the LibreELEC project team and address discrepancies we will be happy to allow continued use of our infrastructure. If they are not, we will be encouraging them to provide their own.

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  • sur quels appareils on peut installé LibreELEC, et comment l'installer.

    Translates to:

    on which devices one can install LibreELEC, and how to install it.

    From WIKI:

    Officially supported hardware currently includes:

    • Raspberry Pi 0/1/2/3
    • x86_64 devices with INTEL, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs (note: as from LibreELEC 10, support for NVIDIA GPUs will be removed!)
    • WeTek Core, Play 1 & 2, Hub
    • Odroid C2
    • Slice / Slice 3
    • Khadas VIM (AML S905X)
    • LePotato (AML S905X)
    • Rockchip RK3288, RK3328 and RK339

    Offial "download list" is to be found here:

    downloads – LibreELEC

    Community builds and discussion of these:


    Installation guide:

    Installation of LibreELEC []

  • sur quels appareils on peut installé LibreELEC, et comment l'installer.

    Tu trouveras une liste d’appareils ici sous la rubrique Direct Downloads.

    Le lien ci-dessus explique comment installer LibreELEC, en anglais. Une recherche Google te fournira des instructions en français.

    La langue utilisée et préférée sur ce forum est l’anglais.