Newbie, where to start

  • Hi all,

    I have a certain background with Kodi android using but have heard just good things of LibreELEC, I really knows nothing about this, my box is vorke z1 amlogic s912 and I pretent to instal itl on USB, appreciate helping about, I already downloaded LibreELEC USB-SD Creator and I am already able to write to the usb flash, I am stuck about what to follow, I appreciate any help with ttutorial or something like that.

    Thank you,


  • If you were already able to write the image to usb all you need to do is boot from it.

    The storage partition will be resized on first boot and you will be good to go.

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  • Yes, it worked and installed kodi 17.3, have two problems, the screen need a little resize, the box remote control does not work(had to use a wireless keyboard) , what way to fix these problems?

    Thank you

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  • Screen scale and timezone were solved inside kodi itself, still pendind the remote control to get working