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    What brand or model of rk3328 box are you testing?

    Thank you

    RK3328 devices supporting LibreELEC so far are:

    Rock64, Rockbox, MVR9 & ROC CC.

    This is also still WIP.

    You have to do research before buying a device to see what is popular and have support.

    Getting cheap non supported devices will always have problems later, no matter if it's LibreELEC support or Android bugs that no one will fix since there are no documentation or source code.

    Don't think its so cheap...., I will try to sell it to get one of the supported. Thank you for let me know.

    I am getting the same with model MX9 pro, rk3328 4gb ram after testing all rk3328 test released

    I am not lucky with my MX9 pro rk 3328 box to get it working with builds released, all what I get is a running of commands and stop at some point. I know this is database related issue, I have the box firmware but I don't know the procedure to get the database from it, I would like to have this box working and appreciate any help.

    Thank you

    Would be nice if you give a small description how you solved it for anyone searching the forum...normally if you go to system~pvr & live tv~general and enable synchronise channel groups with backends does the trick..

    Right there, correct, it really was not me, I received help to find it out but anyway that is the solution.

    I would be a little patient. There is a developer here (HiassofT) that specializes in remote issues. I'm surprised he hasn't noticed this thread yet. I'm sure the fix for your issue is something really simple.

    Thank you, it is just to be sure that there is not something wrong in procedure at my side, I can wait all the time needed if problem is from the source, by the way despite of the remote control issue, KVIM2 8.90.1 build is working great in my box and I got very surprised since my Samsung smart remote control have paired the box so I am using it.