Scheduled Backups

  • I like being able to backup and restore LE under the System menu.

    However, it would be a great addition if there was an option to schedule backups to a shared folder.
    Their should be an option to tell it how many copies to keep (before it overwrites the oldest one)

    How frequent to perform the backups (daily, weekly, monthly, custom).

    Finally what time should LE run the task as to not interrupt a user.

    Currently I am using a Kodi addon for these features, but it doesn't grab everything that LE backup does. I also belief the less Addons the better to keep things running smoothly.

  • I think backup addon does all can add more folders to the backup from addon settings...

  • The backup function is nothing more than a tar command that archives /storage/.cache /storage/.config and /storage/.kodi so it's fairly simple to use the cron scheduler to execute a weekly (or other frequency) backup, and equally simple to schedule a second command that finds and deletes older backup files.

    Enhancing the settings add-on would be better, but there are challenges due to how it's been written and it seems to deter people from volunteering or contributing :(

  • Why not simply using a cronjob for that?

    That cronjob could trigger a script which does all the checks you need (how many copies for example). The cronjob itself has the option to run at the time you configured it.

    What you want is exactly kind of a cronjob-addon with the addition of checking how many backups are available and delete old ones if there are more than 4 files/backups.

    Sure, I agree, an add-on might be better/easier to use instead of writing some scripts (especially if the end user is not capable of doing so).