usb bluetooth adapter

  • hi
    what usb bluetooth adapter works well with out problems? I want to connect bluetooth speakers.

  • I am wondering this also..

    I have an older Rocketfish adapter (RF-FLBTAD) that was detected and connected to a headset and a portable speaker, but trouble started when I tried to play any video file. "Working" displays for an eternity, and then the player usually locks up or crashes.

    The WiFi adapter is also kind of weak, so I am wondering if maybe a WiFi dongle WITH Bluetooth might be the answer.

    From what I can tell, this "issue" is probably very limited, as most boxes will already come with a Bluetooth adapter. It was pretty exciting to see the Rocketfish adapter appear to work initially, as I could not get it to even be recognized by Android, at all.

  • Experiencing the locking up/crash with the RPi built-in bluetooth adapter. Any solution? (doesn't happen with x86)

  • I use an Avantree USB adapter (two of them...) and they work well with LibreElec and Linux in general. I stream BT audio and use an AFTV BT remote.

    Avantree DG40S I think