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    Installed 8.2.1 on my Compute Stick and added the Max C-State command to the syslinux.cfg file... Has run stable for the last 12 hours and I have both HDMI audio and Bluetooth audio (via USB dongle... Onboard is disabled) without issue.

    I am just using HDMI into the TV, so it ay be missing certain Dolby streams, and i have not checked many files.. What was your experience?

    I use this remote with a Raspberry Pi2 and an Intel compute stick. Its a great remote but has a coupe of nuances.

    1 - After a period of time (hours, not minutes... ) OR after a reboot, it will stop responding and you must hit the back button once or twice to re-connect. I have not looked into this too much but its really not a bog deal... Seems like the remote goes to sleep or something and hitting back wakes it up. ONLY the back button will wake it up.

    2 - You may need to modify your key-maps. LibreElec has a good map and I think it worked out of the box, but I cannot recall... On Linux you have to make a complete re-map and the menu button has a strange key-map...

    Either way its a great remote once you get it paired and trusted.