Fire TV remote recommended?

  • Hello,

    I was thinking of getting a Fire TV remote (model CV98LM) to pair with RPi via bluetooth. This model:

    Does anybody use this remote? It works okay, has good range and response ?

    Thanks for any imput

  • I use this remote with a Raspberry Pi2 and an Intel compute stick. Its a great remote but has a coupe of nuances.

    1 - After a period of time (hours, not minutes... ) OR after a reboot, it will stop responding and you must hit the back button once or twice to re-connect. I have not looked into this too much but its really not a bog deal... Seems like the remote goes to sleep or something and hitting back wakes it up. ONLY the back button will wake it up.

    2 - You may need to modify your key-maps. LibreElec has a good map and I think it worked out of the box, but I cannot recall... On Linux you have to make a complete re-map and the menu button has a strange key-map...

    Either way its a great remote once you get it paired and trusted.

  • This is an old thread but surely interesting for readers... I`ve just paired an old CV98LM with my Libreelec Kodi installation (generic x64, Intel) and it works great! I mapped the keys to my liking with a keyboard.xml file in /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps

    If you want to do it yourself, here are the keys the remote generates in Kodi:

    OK: 61541

    up: 61568

    down: 61569

    left: 61570


    back: 61616

    home: 61622

    menu: 61952

    rev: 61636

    play/pause: ?

    fw: 61637

    all these buttons support longpress, so you can make use of it ;)

    The commands could see something like this:

    <key id="61637">volumeup</key>

    <key id="61636">volumedown</key>

    <key id="61952">ActivateWindow(TVGuide)</key>

    <key id="61622" mod="longpress">Fullscreen</key>

    I attached an example .xml file which uses the home button is long pressed to toggle bw gui und fullscreen video and volume controls...