No bluetooth adapter found on Raspberry PI Zero W

  • Good evening,

    I got a brand new Raspberry PI Zero W and was happy to use bluetooth but unfortunately LibreElec says "no bluetooth adapter found" after I activated the bluetooth service.

    Is there anything else to do? I didn't find any more settings. My Raspberry is new and out of the box so I don't think there is a hardware issue.

    Everything else seems to work fine, just bluetooth makes trouble.

    Thanks for your help

  • Can you connect to the device with ssh and run these commands, the paste the output in your reply:

    1. dmesg | pastebinit
    2. systemctl status brcmfmac_sdio-firmware | pastebinit
    3. vcdbg log msg 2>&1 | pastebinit
    4. ls -la /dev | pastebinit
    5. cat /flash/config.txt | pastebinit
    6. cat /flash/cmdline.txt | pastebinit