Libreelec 9 Retroplayer

  • Hi,

    I didn't find any Information about how to enable the new builtin Emulator/Games in libreelec KODi Leia on amlogic s905(x) devices. So I start this thread to share the informations i figured Out:

    • Enter konami Code (Up Up Down Down left right left right b a) via Keyboard or Controller in kodi to enable the Game menu
    • Install game.libretro Addon
    • Install libretro-emulators you like (e.g. game.libretro.beetle-bsnes)
    • Place gameroms in a folder in libreelec and add this folder as Game source
    • Configure a Gamecontroller or use a Keyboard
    • Now you should be able to launch the Roms via the games menu

    For s905x i foud zips of game.libretro and emulators here:

    The game 2048 works fine.

    The SNES Emulator shows only a black screen but plays sound. If i press the menu button on my remote, i can see the SNES game paused behind a popup. If i close the popup the sound resumes and again only a black screen.

    Had someone already more success?

  • You should know that I created those addons for my community builds. Those were exclusive for Wetek Hub and Wetek Play2. Those are now obsolete. They will get deleted eventually. If you get a LibreELEC alpha 9 it should work.

  • I tried it on coreelec, but when I want to launch a game, the systems freezes and after a while it goes back to the kodi home screen. Did only try with snes games and beetle-snes.( -> from de corelec games addons not the ones from raybuntu)

    What I think is strange is that You can't choose which emulator to use, for example f you installed 2 snes emulators.

  • I'm going to test more tonight. I'm on the latest coreelec release 8.9.1? I get the same results with trying SNES emulators but I'm going to try genesis tonight. I'm also using the coreelec libretro addons. I'll report back more tonight.

  • well I use the SNES emu snes9x 2002 and 2010 ones and they work perfectly. And the top genesis one works fine too. No lag and work great.

  • I will try the snes9x versions this evening. Is there a way to choose which emulator to choose or do you have to enable/disable the addons first?

  • Doesn't work, it seems kodi doesn't see it's a game. It want's to play the file (like a movie) not launch it. I will enable the log and see what is goiing wrong.

  • I installed the IARL Addon after enabling the games menu. It runs and installs the emulators ok but most games crash early on.

    It is early days for Retroplayer but it looks promising.