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    I didn't find any Information about how to enable the new builtin Emulator/Games in libreelec KODi Leia on amlogic s905(x) devices. So I start this thread to share the informations i figured Out:

    • Enter konami Code (Up Up Down Down left right left right b a) via Keyboard or Controller in kodi to enable the Game menu
    • Install game.libretro Addon
    • Install libretro-emulators you like (e.g. game.libretro.beetle-bsnes)
    • Place gameroms in a folder in libreelec and add this folder as Game source
    • Configure a Gamecontroller or use a Keyboard
    • Now you should be able to launch the Roms via the games menu

    For s905x i foud zips of game.libretro and emulators here:

    The game 2048 works fine.

    The SNES Emulator shows only a black screen but plays sound. If i press the menu button on my remote, i can see the SNES game paused behind a popup. If i close the popup the sound resumes and again only a black screen.

    Had someone already more success?


    As far as I know, There is no libreelec with kodi leia for s805.

    I've got 2 s805 boxes and Like top usw Inputstream addons Like Netflix in KODi Leia.

    What ist Thema Challenge in Bildung libreelec dir s805?

    As far as I know, in s805 we can Not use a newer Kernel. Would IT Bereich possibel to use kodi sources from libreelec 8.9 builds for s905 and Linux Base from 8.2 libreelec dir s805?

    Ist someone already working in in it?

    If someone gives meine some hints i would try to build a kodi leia for s805

    There is really no reason to go for RPI these days considering how cheap the S905X boxes are and they do a LOT more than RPI ever will.

    So buy a S905X box from Ebay for 8€ and call it a day!

    I was also at same point a while back, then I first stumbled upon ODroid aswell but finally found out about S905X platform, they did cost a bit more back then, like 30-40€ but they are a steal these days.

    Where in eBay is it possible to buy a s905x bBox? do you have any model Name?


    I've upgraded my second box to LE 7.90 alpha and noticed some lags when both boxes are on while using Yatse (android app) as a remote. The problem is that both boxes uses the same mac address 00:01:23:CD:EE:AF.
    This bug was in LE 7.0 and was fixed by kszaq in this post LibreELEC.

    The workaround with a udev-rule to change the mac does not help with my box.