RP2 - LE clock

  • i was wondering where LE and or Kodi pulls the time from on the raspberry pi2. I just noticed yesterday that it was showing july 20th 2016 and the time seems to be 6 hours ahead. i have my region set to the correct area Canada / America-Toronto. i was using the Aug 1st edition of LE8 and switched to the Aug 5th today and same thing.
    I know the RP2 doesnt have the internal battery so it doesnt hold the time. just trying to figure out if i had missed a new setting or if my Pi is dying.


  • LibreELEC syncs the clock at boot time.
    You entered the 'correct area Canada / America-Toronto'. That's a rather large area. Did you also enter a city near you to pinpoint the timezone?

    If there is a 6 hour difference, then either the regional settings are incorrect, or the underlying UTC time for your region is incorrect in Kodi's fixed settings. Which would make it a Kodi problem.