Edimax 5 GHz USB adapter EW-7811 AC600 Series and Raspberry Pi Zero.

  • Ahoj.

    Mám Libreelec 8.2.4 a RPi Zero.

    Koupil jsem adaptér řady EDIMAX USB EW-7811 AC600.

    Nevím proč, ale síť Wi-Fi 5GHz v LE 8.2.4 nefunguje. 2.4GHz bez problémů. Ale kvůli rušení bych potřeboval 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Snažil jsem se poradit a instalovat EDIMAX, ale nebude se připojovat.

  • thats rtl8812au right? its trouble for alot of people. could you try 9.0 and see if it works there? its another driver.

    it did help for me

  • Also look at dmesg and check the driver is correctly detecting/setting the correct wireless regulatory domain for the network. In some cases the driver doesn't (not always the drivers fault) and this results in missing radio frequencies which restricts or prevents 5GHz from working.