Wetek Hub - LibreElec install on internal memory

  • Hello all,

    I have been searching your website/wiki and the Wetek forum but was unable to find a guide or details on how to proceed.

    I have a Wetek Hub running Android and wanted to move to LibreElec as I find the Android rather slow and was reading that the LibreElec was much faster and better to handle Kodi, and as I only use the Hub to play my media files then there is no point of having Android.

    Anyway, wanted to know how to install LibreElec on the internal memory (do not need/want dual-boot, and do not have a SD card). And also wanted to know if I ever wanted to revert back to the Android on the hub if it was possible?

    Thank you for your time, and apologies if I missed the information on the website.

  • Thank you for the prompt reply, I do not have a SD card. Is it possible to run the installation process from a USB memory stick or even better from the NAND memory of the Hub?

  • Right, so I wanted to test libreelec prior to install it on the Nand, so I downloaded the tool and the IMG and ran the tool to create a bootable USB (on a Archlinux system)

    Plugged in the USB stick and booted the Hub. The Hub booted normally on Android. The Hub is up to date, so not sure what else need to be done?

  • I don't have a wetek, but I think, you need to use the tool, to install to another usb plugged into the wetek,

    Can you boot to usb? if so select it, then it should give the option to install to nand or the other usb.

    well thats the way I installed libreelec on to my usb