Add external SDCard to internal storage

  • Hello.

    I have Wetek Play 2 and Librelec installed on NAND.

    Internal storage is 3 GB so its not enough for me.

    I have microSD card 32GB and i want to merge it with internal disk.

    When firmware was WeOS or Android TV, i just set it in settings but i have no idea how to do this in LibreElec.

    I tried to unmount /storage point and replace it with SDcard but i cant because it always busy by connman.service and if i kill it, ofcourse, i lost connection to my Wetek :)

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    Create a new SD card, insert the card and power on. Now press the power button on the remote during boot and it will alternate between booting from the SD card and the internal eMMC (it's not NAND, despite the on-screen message). The boot device selection persists until you change it.

    To migrate data; make a backup and move it off box, then restore it to the SD card after initial setup has been completed.

  • I think you didnt understand me.

    I have installed LibreElec on Wetek play 2. Its installed on internal memory (not externl sd card).

    But Wetek Play 2 has onlu 3 or 4 GB free space. This is not enough for my needs. So i want to expand this space by external SD card.

    When i had Android TV or Wetek OS i just put new sd card, goto settengs and select that this sd card should be used as internal storage.

    How to do the same in LibreElec OS?

    I want to unmount /dev/data from /storage and use my SD card for this point (/storage).

  • TheX You can't easily do that. It is better to run LibreELEC completely from SD card. You can backup all of your data from existing installation. Install LibreELEC to an SD card, boot it, and restore your backup.

  • What exactly seems to be insufficient for you?

    If the kodi folder with all addons is bulging up - relocate it to the SD/TF card.

    Format the external storage (SD/TF card) in ext4, make the appropriate directory in it, move the whole kodi folder from internal to the card, then symlink it.

    Or, you can play with kodi substitute features - Path substitution

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    There will be a boot time improvement (to your always on device) using the internal storage, but the claimed benefit of faster I/O performance when browsing libraries etc. is negated when you use an SD card for storage because that's where Kodi stores it's DBs and thumbnail images and all the read/write activity happens. If you're not going to see the main benefit you might as well avoid all the complexity of trying to make a split setup and have an easy life. So, just run LE from the SD card.

  • Thanks a lot to all!

    Issue resolved.

    BTW it would be great if this feature (mount /storage to another disk) will be added to feature release.

    It shouldn't be so difficult for whom who dont know linux

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    We will solve the problem by removing (or not adding) support for all the install-to-internal stuff in official releases. It adds lots of complexity for marginal gain and results in too many support posts. Some community developers will persist with the idea, but eventually they will probably burn out from all the effort and will realise we made the correct choice.