• Quite a few months ago I asked a question on Twitter about MAC address changes, at least I think that was the subject, and I was replied to post here, which I think I did do. I was never ignorant nor condescending whatsoever, and just now, I've discovered I've been blocked on twitter? I can assure you, I did/said nothing insulting in any way, shape or form. A little heavy-handed don't you think? captainthe

  • TVA and KodiTips are piracy promoting scum. People who @link their accounts with ours are often found in our block list.

    Unfortunately, the media content can not be displayed. The content is no longer available or access is blocked.

  • I'm genuinely sorry, I had no idea whatsoever, for what it's worth, my motivation was only to help all involved. I had absolutely no idea about this wider picture. Again, I honestly apologize, it won't happen again. As you can tell by the lack of posts on the forum, I don't spend much time here to learn about this side of the scenario. Can I have the block removed please?