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    How exactly do I move the backup file off-box? Secondly, how do I do a clean install without using the backup itself while the existing OS is already on there? I guess I'm asking, could you dumb it down a bit for me please.

    I'm genuinely sorry, I had no idea whatsoever, for what it's worth, my motivation was only to help all involved. I had absolutely no idea about this wider picture. Again, I honestly apologize, it won't happen again. As you can tell by the lack of posts on the forum, I don't spend much time here to learn about this side of the scenario. Can I have the block removed please?

    Quite a few months ago I asked a question on Twitter about MAC address changes, at least I think that was the subject, and I was replied to post here, which I think I did do. I was never ignorant nor condescending whatsoever, and just now, I've discovered I've been blocked on twitter? I can assure you, I did/said nothing insulting in any way, shape or form. A little heavy-handed don't you think? captainthe

    1. systemctl stop kodi.service
    2. mv /storage/.kodi /storage/.kodi-old
    3. systemctl start kodi.service

    ^^ will give you a clean Kodi instance without reinstalling. It's easy to stop/start Kodi to move working bits of the old configuration to the new one.

    Thanks, after about the 20th reboot, it finally came on.

    I removed my build (Wookies) from a wizard via fresh start, now on bootup, I see the LibreElec (Generic on a NUC) logo, but then just a blank screen, no Kodi logo, nothing. I've tried installing a USB stick with LE on it, nothing? How can I remove the remnants of what's left of LibreElec so that I can start anew with a fresh install?

    I followed your video released just an hour ago, and a couple of questions about variances from what you're seeing and myself. I've installed LibreElec from Windows onto an Intel NUC via your generic SD card creator 1.2. In your upgrade video, in the LibreElec system window it says in order from top to bottom in the Updates section, first it shows "Automatic Updates" then "Show Update Notifications" but then, in your video, it shows "Update Channel", whereas in mine, it says "Check for updates now" under "Show Update Notifications". I've entered on "check for updates now" but nothing happens. and I'm showing 7.0.2. Where do I go from here to update?

    I just made a USB creator (Windows) and installed it in a brand new device (Intel - generic) and it's been stuck at 87% (remove /tmp/installer/part1 ...) forever. Did I forget to do something here? Should I pull it out at this point and try it again?