m3u list does not work

  • Hi guys,

    I enabled PVR Simple Client, enables it, configured, rebooted Raspberry and, when it came back, tried TV channels. All channels are listed correctly but, when I click on any one, it just spin for few seconds and comes back to the list. I tried with several completely different m3u lists and none of them works. Here is environment:

    HW: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

    OS: LibreElec version 8.0.2

    PVR: IPTV Simple PVR Add-on, version 5.2.1

    Any idea? Thanks in advance,

    Cheers, Marin

  • First:

    your LibreELEC version is completely outdated. 8.2.3 is where we are at now.


    Simply don´t use broken m3u files you got from "somewhere". Those mostly contains illegal content which isn´t supported in here at all.

    If you upgraded to a newer LE version and you are sure the content is legit but the streams still fail to play, please get us a fiull debuglog with debugging enabled.