Looking for Box with 4k HDR Capabilities

  • Hello,

    currently I'm using an Odroid C2 with LibreELEC running on it. The Box is really good.

    However more and more 4k HDR movies are coming now.

    These play super smooth, but look very pale and washed out on the "old" S905.

    Apparently it does not convert the color space.

    I've read many threads now and honestly i'm more confused than before.

    The S912 is able to do a conversion back into BT.709 color space as it seems.

    The Rockchip RK3399 could do that too, i guess from their specs.

    Maybe there are more capable SoC.

    My greatest problem is finding out which Boxes are best supported by LibreELEC.

    Here are my requirements:

    - play 4k HDR material on FullHD SDR AVR/Beamer with correct colors. (The AVR and Beamer will be replaced with 4k some time in the future)

    - play FullHD with correct colors without fiddling anything on the console. need seamless switching between 2k SDR and 4k HDR sources.

    - GBit LAN (WLAN cannot deliver 4k in these bit rates)

    - proper LibreELEC support (currently I use raybuntu's images on the C2. looking for something equally simple)

    - RF Remote highly appeciated, though can be added via USB

    - fanless design

    Could you please suggest some boxes that meet these criteria?

    Would be good if it is in the C2 price range, but can be more expensive too.

    Design is also not important. I can even live without a case.

    Most important is that it meets the expectations.

    Thank you.

  • I Can recommend the MeCool KI Pro or a Nexbox A95X. The Nexbox don't have GBit, so you need an USB digimadoo for that;


    8.90 ⇒ MeCool KI Pro ⇒ Onkyo TX-NR656 ⇒ SAMSUNG 65"LED/UHD/PQ1300/T2CS

    LG BP50NB40 USB Blu-ray

  • Different Amlogic devices do different things based on hardware, the whims of source media, and the collection of patches and hacks applied by different community build creators. However, until Kodi actually has designed-in support for HDR there is basically no point in trying to answer the question.

  • Guess there are not many yet with this problem. I hope it won't take them years to implement this. It's hard/impossible to get 4k stuff without BT.2020.

  • What about an intel NUC?

    i'm looking at the Celeron C4005 or J3455 version

    as i read it, it should do 4k HDR 10bit but correct me if i am wrong.

    i am looking to replace my current e350 amd board with a 4k device since i purchased a LG OLED end of last year

  • I’ve just got the OSMC Vero 4k box. I’m impressed so far - it can stream UHD BR rips and automatically adjusts the resolution and passes the HDR metadata to the display.

  • No, the OSMC Linux version of Kodi. I feel it will be quite a while before LE supports HDR properly. Google Vero 4k to learn more about it. There’s also a review on AVForums. Lack of a Gibabyte Lan is its main shortcoming so it will struggle with 4k 60fps content. However, most 4k BRs don’t run to that spec yet and you couls always add a Gigabyte adapter

  • oh i see.

    is it based on KODI aswell with skins as you want ?

    still looking around for a new box and want it to be decent :)

    too bad osmc can't run on a NUC then, otherwise it would be easy