LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices

  • Try about page 3 onwards of this thread or coreelec forum

    Thanks, I read through the whole forum and must have missed that. I see one in a zip folder posted with 11 folders of different remote configs. The remote that looks exactly like mine is there too. The Mini m8Sii, but it has three files, "gen", "remote.conf" and "remote.conf_original". Do I only SSH the "remote.conf" to the correct folder and reboot? What about the other two files?

    Thank you

  • Sorry can’t remember. I use the way in coreelec.

    I should be in there somewhere

    I think you copy conf file over, I don’t use ssh, I use core lite ftp

  • Hey guys, do you have anyone files for the CoreElec remote control on the Ugoos AM6 Plus.

    Or help how to create them.

    Thank you

  • Hi! Sorry, my english is poor.

    i tryin to configure my remote by following instructions and according librelec IR wiki page:

    systemctl stop eventlircd

    systemctl stop kodi

    ir-keytable -t # all work's well

    Code: nano /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg
    meson-ir * mxq
    Code: ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0
    Old keytable cleared
    Wrote 16 keycode(s) to driver
    Protocols changed to nec

    systemctl start eventlircd

    systemctl start kodi

    Press any buttons and nothing happens... when i'm trying to cat /dev/input/event2 my remote reacting (before i've started eventlircd). Ok then systemctl start eventlircd and test in irw - see nothing. Seems that KODI didn't recieve translated LIRC events, how to fix that?

    Hardware: MXQ Quick Play (S905), w/various remotes (nec protocol)

    Software: LibreELEC (5schatten): RR-20190423-716b9f8 (S905.arm) + LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.1-RR-20190423-716b9f8 (updated)

    Code: cat /sys/class/input/event2/device/name
  • How to add remote rc_maps.cfg to media player.


    Copy alfawise_H96pp to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

    Copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config

    then reboot

  • Sorry guys, that's my fault. Wrong syntax in keymap file:

    # table mxq, type: nec
    0x20d = "KEY_UP"

    the right was:

    # table mxq, type: nec
    0x20d KEY_UP