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    I have generated a config file for my Beelink GT1 and GT1U remote. I think the ir codes are the same with the Mini MV III II. I have mapped a few keys to use it with Libreelec. Please take a look in the beelink_gt1 file.

    Hello nice, I also have the Beelink GT1 Ultimate and my remote does not work on Coreelec 9.0.1.

    I do not know where to put your "" file. I was looking for /storage/.config/rc_keymaps but did not find it.

    Can you please write me exactly where to put it. I do not understand much.

    Thank you for the information

    Hello, I have the BeeLink GT1 Ultimate S912 3GB RAM 32GB ROM; Android 7.1.2; Kernel: armv8l; Buid number: 708NO; Board: q201; Wi-Fi: AP6255

    Installed KODI 18.0 Leia and I would like Dual Boot LibreELEC. Can you please advise which version of LibreELEC for my BeeLink will be the best. I apologize for bad English, but I use Google Translator.
    Thank you in advance for your information