USB HDD standby - Can sdparm be added to the distro?

  • Hello,

    First of all thank you for the work on LibreELEC.

    I have few HDD attached via the USB interface to my Rock64. I would want to be able spin down all disks after some inactivity. Two disks spin down fine using the pre-installed hdparm. However, my 3rd disk (Segate) requires sdparm to spin it down (this disk has SCSI interface). As I understand for LibreELEC packages cannot be installed by the user.

    Can the sdparm be added to the distribution as well with your next release?

    Right now, my workaround is to run a docker debian container in privileged mode to be able to install sdparm and spin down the disk:

    1. sdparm --flexible -6 -l --save --set SCT=54000 /dev/sdb
    2. sdparm --flexible -6 -l --save --set STANDBY=1 /dev/sdb

    (54000 * 0.1s) = 1.5h


    1. docker run --rm --privileged --device=/dev/sda:/dev/sda -it arm64v8/debian
    2. apt-get update
    3. apt-get install sdparm -y


    1. Linux Rock64 4.4.103 #1 SMP Fri Dec 22 08:22:26 CET 2017 aarch64 GNU/Linux