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    RPi4 2GB and up .. because it's a simple playback device and the Foundation provides the best vendor support of all hardware we run on.

    Thank you for your guidance. I found this thread after reading on the homepage: "

    We can offer stable and good working versions for Allwinner, Generic and Rockchip devices. The RPi4 is also in good shape but the codebase is rather new, so it is not polished yet (keep reading for details)."

    Would you say that today the Raspberry is the recommended minicomputer to run Libreelec on?


    Cheers! Thanks for your insights. Do note, I'm not arguing that this is a fix for all. I'm saying that in my particular case, I was observing high CPU use from docker-proxy. Disabling it in userland allows iptables to take over which in my case led to better load stats.

    chewitt Thanks for the tip and response, I didn't realize/think of pulling binaries from raspberryOS... that's worth trying out. I actually run docker-compose as a bin as well... I'll post here if successful.. for now it's running - albeit a bit over engineered.

    GDPR-7 Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately hdparm doesn't work on this type/brand of disk. (Western Digital)... wish I bought Seagate like I did before.

    I have some docker containers interacting with each other. Saw often 'docker-proxy' using a lot of CPU. After disabling, not only the process is gone, also other processes are more smooth. including kodi.bin!

    Curious about others experience. Mileage may vary.

    Edit this file:


    and add '--userland-proxy=false'.

    DOCKER_DAEMON_OPTS="--data-root=/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.system.docker/docker --userland-proxy=false"
    DOCKER_STORAGE_OPTS="--storage-driver=overlay2 --storage-opt overlay2.override_kernel_check=1"

    zarusz or anyone finding this through search engine. I bought a Seagate HDD which needs sdparm. With the above, I managed to optimise to one command:

    docker run --rm --privileged --device=/dev/sda:/dev/sda arm64v8/debian /bin/bash -xec 'apt-get update && apt-get install sdparm -y && sdparm --flexible -6 -l --save --set STANDBY=1 /dev/sda && sdparm --flexible -6 -v -S -p po --set=SCT=9000 /dev/sda'