MXQ pro 4k

  • Hey guys,

    anyone can suggest a build for the p281 bootloader?

    Boots with a blank black screen.

    Tried both 1G/1GeMMC DTBs no result.

    It's a MXQ Pro 4k S905W 1GB eMMC.

    I bought two of those puppies yet can't get it work..

    Yep I'm dumb, should've read the 'how to choose a box' guide lol.


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  • Latest build with DTB gxl_p212_2g.dtb gxl_p212_1g.dtb should work (edited).

    Please see S905W support

    I've a MXQ pro 4K S905W p281, and it works quite fine.

    It boots, kodi plays videos with sound, ethernet OK, WIFI, seems OK too.

    It can even install on internal.

    Still some problems:

    -Only the rear USB port works. The 3 others ports on the internal hub don't work

    -Installation to internal must be done twice.

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  • Tried exactly those files,

    it seems to boot, as the device logo disappears, but there's only black screen instead of LE installation.

    Might be a display output problem. Wonder if the HDMI could have a different address or something, but there's only one.

    Guess I'll wait for another release..

  • Update:

    Today arrived another box of the same type and it works!

    I'm just wondering, could it be just different firmware? The board and external box is exactly the same. Yet only one of em works.

    It feels like shopping Chinese stuff is kind of a lottery :D

  • Hi,

    Looks like I have the same MXQ Pro box with p281 board, as Mice has - and indeed, dtb file gxl_p212_1g.dtb works, LibreELEC boots fine, WiFi and sound works, however only rear USB port works. Also, standard remote does not work - which is a pity. Have tested all other p212 1G files, and if they work (only the one with _nand does not), they all have same problems. While I could perhaps live with one USB port only, would be tough to miss the remote - has anyone succeeded to get remote working on this box? May we hope for dtb's specifically for p281?

  • Did either of you guys get the other 3 USB ports to work as I was about to buy one of these specifically to have use of all 4 and then read this thread?