tx5 pro S905X

  • I have a older TX5 Pro 2/16 wifi ac 5ghz box and I have found I need to flash the update via zip file however I renamed the libreelec 8.2 file to .zip and the system wont flash it. I have searched and need some help finding if their is a zip file created already or the correct process to get LibreELEC on this device.

    Thx in Advanced

  • where can I go to get the nand version? or the latest one supported by the tx5 pro?
    I've gotten further now I'm running into this error.... Error in mount storage mount common could not mount label=libreelec disk. Can't access tty; job control turned off


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  • On Tanix you allways have to do the instal 2 or 3 times

    do u have a link or what files I should have....been trying all day and getting all types of errors...I saw a guy say to install it to the nand however I haven't found the zip file or files needed

  • There is no 'nand' version.

    Download the S905 .img.gz file and gxl_p212_2g.dtb, extract the .img.gz and burn it to a USB flash drive with Rufus, rename the dtb to dtb.img and copy it to the root directory of the newly burned USB drive.

    Put the USB drive in your box and cycle the power, when LibreELEC boots and you are in the setup stages make sure to enable SSH and finally locate your system IP in system info.

    Download putty on your computer and SSH to the box IP, login with root/libreelec and then type 'installtointernal'

    As warez says you may have to run installtointernal twice as sometimes there can be corruption and that is certainly my experience as well.