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    - playback still relies on the old libspotify SDK so no support for Android x86 and very new ARM chipsets (like nvidia shield)

  • I have looked into it, however it seems that you have to do a workaround to install this on a RPi, because you need a web browser to authenticate the spotify user.
    And I am also not sure if this Add-on will let the Pi work as a Spotify Connect device.

    I have a second Pi with Volumio installed, on top of that I installed GitHub - Fornoth/spotify-connect-web
    This let the Pi work as a Spotify Connect device, which works like a charm. But I need 2 Pi's: One for audio (Volumio with spotify connect) and one for Video (LE/kodi).
    Would be nice if an Add-on makes this work in LE

  • Hmm, this looks fun and Spotify connect seems to be dockerized.. time for me to find out what that is and how it works.

    ps: i have no clue what I'm doing

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    Docker not required.
    This package contains all that is needed for Rpi2 and Rp3, and works fine:

    Releases · Fornoth/spotify-connect-web · GitHub

    Just uncompress this archive, add your spotify_appkey.key and start:
    ./spotify-connect-web -u USERAME -p PASSWORD

    You need alsa for it to work, so
    in /flash/config for jack and hdmi

    For hifiberry and likes, you just need to activate the according overlay
    Config.txt - OpenELEC

    Et voila, your Pi (2 or 3) is a spotify connect device

  • Only thing is that the user need some ssh and Linux knowledge. It would be nice to wrap this in a LE program or music add-on where the user in the config page can set the premium account login details, upload the spotify application.key and set the options like "Device Name" and streaming quality.

    By the way nickr to your reply: i thought that kodi was meant as a multi media center which means pics, video and music...when it comes to music, spotify is a market leader and this way both iOS (airplay) and Android users can stream/play music to LE without sitting in front of a (TV) screen.

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    Yeah I agree with the usability for such an add-on. but I am not a developer. but if I can get it working perhaps I can guide a device who does not have Spotify to how it should work. Will see if I get some time to play with this soon.. Spotify ui on tablet/phone to browse while relaxing is an appealing thought

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    I certainly take your point, but I don't want to have to turn the TV on to listen to music, so my music system is separate to my video system. Spotify-connect does raise some interesting possibilities though. I will certainly be playing with it, especially now I know my HT amplifier is spotify-connect capable.

  • And it would be even more interesting if it also has a multi-room audio setup with audio synchronization...
    According to this thread it should be possible with snapcast:

    ALSA Resample Input - Use more Player with Snapcast · Issue #45 · badaix/snapcast · GitHub

    This Guy has 3 pi's running synchronized spotify connect, but also can act seperately as a spotify connect device...nice for parties or to extend your livingroom music outdoors in the summer...

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  • I think snapcast doesn't control the spotify connect devices. The snapcast server grabs the spotify connect audio or any other audio stream, and sent it to the clients. But installing spotify connect on all clients also gives the user the choice to control them seperately too. And it seems that snapcast has much better synchronized performance over wifi.

    I am gonna test next week. I was waiting for Volumio 2, which has snapcast integrated, but the beta version has still some other issues for my pi's, therefor i Have to manually install it.

  • Hi,

    it tried it this way, but couldn´t get it working.

    im using

    LibreELEC (community) Version: devel-20160603232424-#0603-gb4f3545
    LibreELEC git: b4f3545fd7a85c7fcac25567f146e06eafa3342c

    Milhouse build from 03-06-2016

    Hope someone could help

  • It is complaining about alsa mixer.

    Check your config.txt, then try aplay -l and amixer commands

    And it can be a specific issue in milhouse build. You should first try with the stable libreelec build

  • i tried the stable build, but didnt fix my error :(

    here is the output of aplay and amixer

    I also added "dtparam=audio=on" in config.txt

  • Try to set the mixer on the command line:

    ./spotify-connect-web -u USERAME -p PASSWORD -m PCM
    ./spotify-connect-web -u USERAME -p PASSWORD -m 0

  • Try to set the mixer on the command line:

    ./spotify-connect-web -u USERAME -p PASSWORD -m PCM
    ./spotify-connect-web -u USERAME -p PASSWORD -m 0

    sadly it didnt worked

    i tried to change the device in amixer, but i got

    LibreELEC:~/spotify-connect-web # amixer -D 0
    ALSA lib /home/neil/projects/ Invalid CTL 0
    amixer: Mixer attach 0 error: No such file or directory