Spotify Connect

  • Can you explain the ALSA step for me?
    When i run the spotify-connect-web in the ssh terminal i get an ALSA error.
    So im guessing in need some settings to do.

  • Hi,

    i would like to setup the Spotify webconnect addon, but i've faced with some "problems", i hope someone can help me. I've had reqested App key from spotify, now i have the following thingy, is this what i need to use the addon?

    spotify appkey

    i would have liked to add the spotify_appkey.key to my addons folder, but i don't know what "format" should i use? Should i just copy the client id and client secret into a text file, name it to spotify_appkey.key and copy it to /storage/.kodi/addons/service.spotify-connect-web folder?

  • I created a simple display addon for the Spotify Connect Web Server :)
    ATM it can display Cover Track and Album Infos and it has Buttons to Control the Server!
    Any Ideas to Improve it are very welcome.
    In the Settings menu you can set the Host wich is default to libreelec:4000 Note: dont put an / at the and

    Great submission!
    You may post it in the dedicated Spotify Connect Web thread for more visibility.
    You may also host it on github, for distribution and contribution.
    localhost or (ie the host on which the addon is running) could be used as default host.
    Thank you!


  • First check your Spotify app is in the newest version. If your Spotify Music is the latest version, then you need to check the internet connection. If the connection is normal, then you need to check your Premium membership are able or need to renew. If you are still fail to use Spotify Connect, please contact your Spotify support team or try another way to use Spotify Connect.

  • To use Spotify connect to cast your Spotify songs to other devices such as home TVs, Hifi speakers, you need to have the latest Spotify app and the Spotify Premium subscription.

    Also, please make sure the devices are in the same WiFi network, else spotify web player won't work. Hope you can solve the problem by yourself.