Chromium "Aw snap"'s everywhere, not just video

  • I get "Aw snap" (neither informative nor funny google) all over the internet. I get it on okcupid which has no videos at all. I get it all the time on just the vimeo landing page, which doesn't run video. And I used to be able to use youtube a bit but a site change kills even the basic functionality I had.

    I uninstalled Chromium and started from scratch, so I don't have flash or widevine and it didn't help. The crash seems to mostly happen when I interact with a web page, clicking on a ui element. In youtube I could watch video but it would crash if I did anything like click off the autoplay ui control. I think this is a flaw in the javascript engine and it mainly shows up when JS has to talk to the plugins.

    So yesterday I went online to regress Libreelec to 7.0.3 again when I found this fix : Chromium?

    olehenrikj built chrome v59 and provides the zip file. Works very nicely (w/ a couple of quirks that I can live with) but I'd rather have Chromium and have an official repo install.

  • I wonder if you read through that link. The solution is there.
    Or if you're too lazy, it's here

    The version originally included with libreelec gave me nothing but aw snap errors too. The BBC iPlayer was unusable. But, the version of chromium in that link works perfectly fine.

    If only it can work with flash correctly on the channel 4 site.