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    I have been using this great addon with Leia builds (Coreelec 8.95.0) and it is working fine.

    Coreelec doesn't make a intel version of their firmware, so I'll give the latest libreelec beta/alpha a try out.
    Did you need to do anything special to get this addon to work?
    (As in,did you update Coreelec to 8.95.0 with openvpn already installed or did you update and install afterwards?

    Scratch those questions.
    Libreelec alpha works fine.
    I do admit it was a year since I last updated to kodi leia and the openvpn addon did not work then. It does now. Sorry for any inconvenience or annoyance caused.

    You're doing fine work Zomboided, keep it up :D

    Aye, there seems to be a dearth of information concerning to new changes. And yes it looks like an awful lot of addons will indeed be broken when kodi 18 RC or PR gets released.
    From what I've been able to gather the change occurred last year in the alphas, and there has been no change since.
    Hopefully they will publish the relevant documentation in usual spaces.

    Cheers for getting back to me.

    Guidelines are published here, best of luck.

    Although, I wasn't referring to the standard/default skins settings, I was referring to how the changes in leia's addons' settings are laid out. (See [settings] change XML format of setting values by Montellese · Pull Request #12277 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub )
    As it stands, your vpn's settings page will not open in kodi beta 18, hasn't been able to for months. It was brought up before, and you stated you did not deal with alpha builds, and for good reason.
    Just curious if that policy changes now that that particular change in kodi has been more or less finalised.

    zoogvpn (uk server 4) and VPN unlimited both work with VPNmanager and iplayer is accessible. (zoog requires manual set up.)
    Windscribe have a dedicated server for uk and us netflix. But it seems to be only available for their android app, not seen it pop up on ios or in the download files.

    Yeah, I see it now.
    There are no errors in the changelog. It looks like the issue lies with ExpressVpn and the UK server you're using.
    Does ExpressVpn have only one UK server? (Other providers have 3 or four servers, some even have dedicated servers for bbc iplayer and netflix.)

    Are you sure you are connecting to a London server?
    In the log you supply you are connecting to New Zealand, using a New Zealand ovpn file

    Connecting to VPN profile /storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/ExpressVPN/New Zealand (UDP).ovpn
    18:02:05.675 T:140683507648256  NOTICE: VPN Mgr : ( Received connection info from, IP location Auckland, NZ, ISP AS45671 AS45671 Network Operation

    I wonder if you read through that link. The solution is there.
    Or if you're too lazy, it's here

    The version originally included with libreelec gave me nothing but aw snap errors too. The BBC iPlayer was unusable. But, the version of chromium in that link works perfectly fine.

    If only it can work with flash correctly on the channel 4 site.

    On Milhouse nightlies for libreelec 9 since june 4th builds, vpn manager seems to be causing homescreen-blank screen loops, basically, it looks like kodi.bin is being killed.
    The end of the debug file reads the following.

    12:32:38.072 T:139954648073984 WARNING: CAddonSettings[service.vpn.manager]: trying to load setting definitions from old format...
    12:32:38.074 T:139954648073984 WARNING: CAddonSettings[service.vpn.manager]: ignoring old setting definition of type "text" without id

    If I remote access my device and delete the

    service.vpn.manager folder in everything works fine. Until I download and install vpnmanager again.

    Hopefully this is just some trivial problem that can be easily rectified.