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    Well I got tired of waiting for new browser and my script to be added into the system.

    So I decided to make my own based upon pure Chrome instead, so if anyone is interested, you can download it and install it from:

    Thanks, I was just about to downgrade LE to 7.0.3 when I found this; you win the internet!

    BTW, in import bookmarks I clicked on choose file and it froze (had to ssh in and kill processes). If I hit Save Page or Ctl-S it crashes. Apparently the chromium package had common dialog library compiled in? It works great and I can live without, just an FYI.

    I get "Aw snap" (neither informative nor funny google) all over the internet. I get it on okcupid which has no videos at all. I get it all the time on just the vimeo landing page, which doesn't run video. And I used to be able to use youtube a bit but a site change kills even the basic functionality I had.

    I uninstalled Chromium and started from scratch, so I don't have flash or widevine and it didn't help. The crash seems to mostly happen when I interact with a web page, clicking on a ui element. In youtube I could watch video but it would crash if I did anything like click off the autoplay ui control. I think this is a flaw in the javascript engine and it mainly shows up when JS has to talk to the plugins.

    So yesterday I went online to regress Libreelec to 7.0.3 again when I found this fix : Chromium?

    olehenrikj built chrome v59 and provides the zip file. Works very nicely (w/ a couple of quirks that I can live with) but I'd rather have Chromium and have an official repo install.