LibreELEC has so much potential

  • LE has so much potential. A lightweight all-in-one OS, based on playing media through the extremely popular KODI media player. All while supporting the open-source community, and open & free internet. Sounds great.

    Unfortunately, rather than leaving the decision of morality to it's users the decision is made for you. The part of KODI that made it so popular, so loved, so free & customizable has been purposely blocked. Unlike KODI where it is left to the users to decide. LibreELEC will report an error message when installing the same add-ons. Such a shame to limit a great open-source project. :thumbdown:

  • Kodi and LibreELEC are open source: you can adapt them to your needs, probably in less words than in your post ;)

    Keep it legal and carry on

  • If your definition of "so popular, so loved, so free & customizable" results in an LE box full of pirate repo crapware and you then ask for support in these forums you'll be politely told where to jump (our project, our forum, our rules) but the official OS does not monitor or block the installation of any add-ons. That said, some pirate crapware is written by school kids who can't code so things have dependencies that don't work on our OS. That is more a limitation of skills in the pirate crapware scene, not our project, and we're kinda okay when that happens:thumbup: