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    Oh.. My.. Efffing.. God.. It works! I can't believe that. When I was trying that HDMI port yesterday is when I was also messing with the "HDMI mode" on my TV and it wasn't giving me any picture at all. After Stewie said that worked for him I went and tried it again and it loaded up perfectly! Thanks for the tip. I probably would of not tried that again because I was under the impression I already did. Awesome! 👍

    Hey guys. Anyone having problems getting LE running on their Pi4? Ive tried everything I can think of to get it working with ZERO progress. I posted the specific problem and details under [General Support] the post is called "RPi 4b/4gb - boots up and immediately freezes, can't do anything..." It seems I'm not the only one who is having this issue. If anyone has any insight at all on getting this up and running, I would love to hear it.

    At least I'm not alone... Does yours freeze at the same spot (connecting CEC)? I tried 3 different SD cards but coincidentally they were ALL the same brand which is also the same as yours (Samsung EVO 32gb class 10), I'm going to try a different brand just for kicks, I have a few SanDisks somewhere. If you figure anything out, please update. I'm stuck. I too had no problems running libreelec on RPi3b+ but the Pi4 is a NO-GO. I've been trying to get it working for 2-3 days now with ZERO progress. Later today I'm going to hook up to a proper monitor and see if it is something with the HDMI-CEC "handshaking" on my smart TV... Don't know what else to try. I ordered the "official" power supply just to eliminate that as an issue but I'm fairly certain the one I have is adequate.

    Hi all.

    I'm hoping someone could help me with this, just as the title states - I have a Pi 4 with 4gb. It boots up, I get libreelec logo, then the Kodi logo, then to the main menu and after about 1-2 secs it completely freezes. Top right corner (in the Kodi info box) it always freezes on [Connecting to: Pulse-Eight CEC adapter]. Not sure if that has something to do with it freezing or that's just how far it gets in the setup. So that's what happens. And below is what if done to try and get past the freezing...

    -heard about USB C problem so I've tried 3 different USB C cables

    -tried unplugging everything from the pi and booting with just [power] connected

    -tried booting with the TV off (I guess the thinking there was it wouldn't detect the HDMI-CEC)

    -tried 3 different sd cards

    -tried writing the image 3 different ways between 2 different image tools

    -in my TV settings turned off the CEC stuff (on my TV it's called EasyLink)

    -in TV settings changed the HDMI mode from [normal] to [legacy] (not sure what it does but it seems to like legacy better, on normal 1/2 the time I got no picture at all)

    -after being at a loss, I even added a fan & heatsink. I seriously doubt it's so hot after bootup it freezes instantly. But I didnt know what else to do.


    I can't get to a error log to see what's going on. As far as what I'm using... a brand new BlueRigger HDMI to mini HDMI cable connected to a 55inch Phillips TV and a Pixel 3 XL wall adapter and the Google USB-C to USB-C cable it came with (figured it was the highest quality power & cable I had). I would of assumed the Pi is just too new to have the bugs worked out if I didn't see accounts online and YouTube of everyone else's booting up and working just fine. I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong! Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    LE has so much potential. A lightweight all-in-one OS, based on playing media through the extremely popular KODI media player. All while supporting the open-source community, and open & free internet. Sounds great.

    Unfortunately, rather than leaving the decision of morality to it's users the decision is made for you. The part of KODI that made it so popular, so loved, so free & customizable has been purposely blocked. Unlike KODI where it is left to the users to decide. LibreELEC will report an error message when installing the same add-ons. Such a shame to limit a great open-source project. :thumbdown: