LE can't suspend or hibernate?

  • Easy. Change the system for something that supports power management in hardware, and has a kernel with support for those features.

  • simple: the box cant hibernate or suspend. It is ON or OFF.

    - KIII Box, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, LE on internal - TVH-Frontend

    - KII Pro Box, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, LE on internal - TVH-Backend/Frontend

  • Try enabling sleep mode to see if it works for your box. It doesn't work (properly) for all boxes, hence it isn't enabled by default. If it works for you you will basically have a fake suspend as in android, as power off from Android is not really a power off either. I have never tried it myself so I can't tell you when the wake-up will fire off exactly.

    MECOOL KIII Pro (S912)

    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, overclock mode: 'Pi2' (1000/500/500/2), gpu_mem_1024: '320'

  • Forage Actually when you enable suspend, the board goes into low-power mode, so it's not exactly "fake". ;) Additionally, in my next build power consumption will be lower in suspend as I pulled some patches from Khadas repo.

  • OK. I try to enabling sleep mode, and I can suspend the system, but when I wakeup the system HDMI has no output. I try to restart kodi

    systemctl restart kodi

    But still no output from HDMI.

  • numbqq This is why suspend is disabled - there are too many issues with waking the device up.

    Is it bootloader issues or something else? I have opposite problem - box wakes up immediately after suspend.